Humans always have been nomads.
This song represents that need to move, the need to go out and explore the world, the need to be free.



Let’s just get away
Free ourselves and get away
Leave it all behind
Put it all aside
Don’t let them enslave you
Let’s just run away
Find ourselves and get our way
Make it all worthwhile
See it all come alive
Don’t let life betray you
We should be nomads
We’ll keep wandering
We will be nomads
We’ll keep traveling


released August 3, 2018
Recorded and Produced by Inmyths at Inmyths place
Composition, Lyrics – Hugo Celso Almeida
Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Drums – Hugo Celso Almeida
Bass – Sílvia Brites
Shipwreck off Nantucket (Wreck off Nantucket after a Storm)
William Bradford

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