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About this Single

To all who dare to dream.
To those who resist non-constructive criticism.
Above all, those who resist the indifference of others and continue to dream.
They already won, they are already the winners.

I wrote this song thinking about Jacque Fresco.
Fresco was a dreamer. He was able to dream of a better world for everyone.
He dreamed that our planet Earth and all its resources were declared as the inheritance of all who inhabit it. Earth is abundant and full of resources.The only thing we have.
Many called him a crazy old man but he did not care and said,

“If you went to a mental institution and someone called you crazy, would you be upset?”

He already left us but his dreams remain.

As for those who do not dream, those who try to tear us down.
Maybe your lies are made of dreams.

Cover art:
Luca Giordano (Italian, 1634 – 1705 ), Diana and Endymion, c. 1675/1680